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Does The Cookie Diet Work

does the cookie diet work

I've Got the Tag!

I've Got the Tag!

All right! I've finally been tagged, so here are "28 Things You Didn't Know About Me" (I prefer even #s).

1. My favorite singing group is The Manhattan Transfer; I've seen them 4 times in concert!
2. People can call me Anthony, Tony, or Antonio when I meet them; it's whatever is easiest for them.
3. I'm born and raised in Southern California and most of my family is here.
4. Being full-blooded Mexican, and also a 3rd Generation US citizen, I speak good English, average Spanish, and I'm doing my best to learn a few other languages.
5. My nicknames growing up were "Cookie Man", "Tony the Tiger", and "Antonio Banderas".
6. I graduated from Cal State Univerity-San Marcos last Fall with a B.A. in Literature; my official "walk" is in May of this year.
7. I'm an only child, but I grew up with a lot of cousins.
8. My personal style changes with the seasons: During Fall and Winter, I dress like a male model straight out of GQ; during Spring and Summer, I derive my style from traditional Latin American clothing influenced by my Uncle Jose and my Grandfather. For all seasons I wear different hats that complement my wardrobe.
9. I've been a singer all my life and have sung in choirs and groups since I was 8.
10. I've sung in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, Latin, Hebrew, and Portuguese; I've been told that when I sing, I sound like I've been speaking the language my whole life.
11. I'm a writer and critic of people's artistic work, not professionally, I just enjoy seeing what other people can create; I hope to use these gifts to help out the disadvantaged.
12. I have written 3 fan-fictions for Winx Club, 1 for Sonic the Hedgehog, and I am currently working on 1 for Monster High; I also have some contemporary twists on Jem waiting in the wings to be blended with my own musical experiences growing up.
13. My favorite TV show as of today is Glee! All those years of being with the "Music Geeks" and "Neo-Thespians" in high school have finally been vindicated!
14. I am a total nostalgia geek! My favorite cartoons are from the 80s and 90s; I love so many, they're too many to mention, but I tell you, they don't make 'em like they used to, especially the theme songs!
15. I have been going to the San Diego Comic-Con since 2001, and I bought my 2011 ticket last year; every year when I go, I'm in Heaven!
16. I have High-Functioning Autism or Asperger's Syndrome and like the woman said, "I Was Born This Way".
17. I am an avid reader; my latest interest is the "Stories from the Golden Age" pulp fiction collection: I have both paperbacks and audiobooks; I read the books and listen to the CDs to remind me of my old book-&-tape collection from my childhood.
18. Growing up, my Autism and lack of awareness led me to weigh 250 pounds; today, thanks to hard work, diet, and exercise, I am maintaining at the mid-180s, which is good for a man who is six-foot-one-inch tall.
19. When I was 12 my 1st crush was on a Portuguese girl, and the weird thing was, I was darker than her! My ideal woman is 1 with brains, guts, artistic talents, a great singing voice, and who possibly stepped out of a dream of mine! I also have an intersting proclivity when it comes to the can-can: it calls for elaboration at some point!
20. I've never been married, but I have been in 3 different relationships that didn't work out; however, I've never stopped believing that my perfect duet partner is out there...somewhere.
21. My favorite Disney movie is Aladdin: probably because I see a lot of myself in him.
22. I cannot stand negativity, religious fanaticism, lack of culture, ignorance, and pomposity in people! I get that enough from my family, and that, coupled with other experiences left me bitter for a time, but I feel better now, it's day by day.
23. I consider myself "Spiritual, but Not Religious"
24. Being bullied from Kindergarten to 7th Grade really affected my worldview, but I wouldn't change what happened, it made me stronger and more dedicated to changing the world for the better.
25. My tastes in music and movies range from the standards of the 20s and 30s to a select few "X-Factor" artists and films from today-The latest movie I saw was "The King's Speech"; I saw it before the Oscars, and it was an artistic, human masterpiece!
26. My favorite video games are shooters, multiplayers, and my new X-Box Kinect game "Dance Central"; it's one of the best games I've played, and I can't wait for the Michael Jackson game to come out!
27. I've loved Dance Dance Revolution since High School: I have a playlist for every edition since the 1st Mix; also, it's a damn good workout!
28. All I want are the material and spiritual things that make life beautiful to me, and people in my life with different skills that can complement and bring to life all of the visions that I have in my head. For me, t

I've got it! Wait do you? Ball! Anyone?

I've got it! Wait do you?  Ball!  Anyone?

In the not a great shot but it's kinda funny category. Look at the ball. Look at everyone else. The only person looking at the ball is the cop on the sidelines. This was just after a Levell Coppage TD run, thankyouvery much. I am always cheering instead of shooting after the TD's...then I forget that I want to get a shot of them jumping and celebrating. This is the result...Oops too late again! So, I start cheering again. Then, they jump and celebrate near the sideline. Oops - missed that too. One day I'll get it. Oh, well I guess it better be next week. Concentrate!

UWW 31 Wittenberg 13. It was way too close for way too long as far as I'm concerned!

But, I did have a companion for a short period of time. Yeah!!! In Cary style, he showed up at the 10 minute mark in the 2nd quarter. Dude!!! Had to leave just after the start of the 4th. Dude!!! Missed the awesome interception that ended with a hard hit right in front of me. Ouch! Missed this Levell Coppage TD run. Awesome. He can't come to next week's game...does he HAVE to go to Iowa, Judy??? I mean it's Iowa...does anyone really WANT to go to Iowa? I did, but as soon as I rescued Chance from the mean Iowa people we was outtathere! The Hawks are on a Stagg Bowl championship's the last game and the final at home before the big dance. Couldn't he just come to the game with his favorite niece?? Ppplllleeeeease??!!! Fine, but I told him to wear his Warhawk gear to the reception...we even planned it all out from the snow boots with the purple socks pulled up over the pants (so the Warhawk purple can be seen) to the little purple gloves! And every once in awhile he's supposed to stand and clap (gloved hand penguin style) and whoop!

Turns out I do frozen icepop really well. I was sooooo very cold. Turtle neck, UWW sweatshirt, longjohns, Warhawk jeans (put the patch on just for the occassion and it promptly came off again when they were washed), blanket, good to -15 expensive but awesome looking boots (sooo not good to -15!!! Well, maybe they work for normal people...), fluffy winter jacket, cute little hat (which was left on for hours afterwards; whenever I took it off I went oooh, cold! and put it back on!), mittens without the planned on interior magic gloves (cuz I lost my Admirals one Friday - dang it), and I had a big ole thing of hot chocolate with me. Everything worked until the hot chocolate ran cold which was around halftime...I was soooo cold. I did jumping jacks for my own halftime entertainment. And wet - how did that happen?? Must have been when I'd jump up and my feet would clomp and splatter the wet melted snow all over. Point is: Brrrrrrr. But, at least we won. If they'd have scored more I'd have been bouncing out of my seat so I think I'd have been warmer. Ok, guys let's test this theory next week please.

Next week temps are supposed to be even colder...We take on the Linfield College Wildcats - they are purple and white with a red wildcat on their helmet. From McMinnville, Oregon...and they have to travel from there to here. I almost moved to McMinnville. Had an interview which didn't go well...turns out now that I'm happy it didn't go well. It was with the police department so that would have been way too much stress anyhow. Phew...thanks Universe - so far so good. Now could you work on that other situation....

Also, got to see FM - he sits waaaaaay on the opposite side - well not opposite, that would be the visitor side and that would just be wrong. But, on the opposite goal line that I sit on. He was all bundled up and adorable drinking coffee and high fiving his buddies. Could that be why I didn't get many good shots...perhaps I wasn't watching the game so close. =) I was way far away but I didn't see a bundled woman over there being kept warm by him. Course just being in his aura would keep me warm....=)

My current dilemma - do I make cookies now (plan was to make them Friday - oops!) or do I go back to bed and make them later. No, really I should make them now. Bummer. Cuz sleep sounded good...all warm and cozy. I'm still thawing! Oh but I get to turn the oven on! And I picked a recipe where I can be all creative and play with the dough. I'm attempting dark chocolate truffles today too...think I'll roll them in cocoa, pistachios and almonds. Yum! =) I'm supposed to be improving my diet. But, dark chocolate is good for the heart, right!?!!!

does the cookie diet work

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